Race rules

Bałtyk – Bieszczady Tour 1008km 2020

  • these regulations apply to participation in the Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour;
  • Participation in the event is completely voluntary;
  • participation in the event requires acceptance of these regulations;
  • each participant must cover the scope of these regulations.

The goal of the Bałtyk – Bieszczady Tour 1008km non-stop cycling ultramarathon is:

  • popularizing of cycling tourism in Poland;
  • checking the mental and physical limits by event participants;
  • attempting to cover a route of 1008 kilometers;
  • promotion and marketing activities for sponsors, cities and associations
  • MapSerwis.com
  • KS Uznam Świnoujście
  • KK Łowicz
  • ŁTC Łańcut
  • Rowerowy Lublin


  • The 12th edition of the Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour 1008km non-stop cycling ultramarathon will be held on August 21-24, 2020;
  • The Race Office is located at Interferie Medical Spa in Świnoujście, open on Friday (August 21) from 10:00 to 16:30;
  • The neural start for all competitors will take place on 21.08.2020. The start will be located at the Race Office (detailed information will be provided at a later date);
  • The official start will take place in two separate start groups from 20:00 on 21.08.2020 (so called: “night-division”) and from 8:00 on 22.08.2020 (“day-division) from the ferry „Bielik” in Świnoujście Warszów;
  • The ultramarathon route runs through the territory of the Republic of Poland. The detailed route of the 12th edition of the Baltic-Bieszczady Tour 1008km ultramarathon is available at http://bbt2018.1008.pl/;
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the race route untill 20.08.2020;
  • The finish of the race is located at Zajazd Caryńska in Ustrzyki Górne.
  • Start in ultramarathon Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour 1008km non-stop in 2020 is possible in three separate categories: SOLO, OPEN, TEAM.
  • The SOLO category means that the competitor is required to travel the distance independently without the possibility of cooperation with other competitors;
  • Competitors in the SOLO category are required to keep the distance to the others event participiants;
  • The minimum distance between competitors is 100 meters (exceptions: time stations, traffic lights, level crossings);
  • The competitor may change the SOLO category to OPEN (prior notification to the technical service and turning the start number upside down is required)
  • it is not possible to change the OPEN category to SOLO or the TEAM category to OPEN;
  • The OPEN category means that a competitor can join groups with other OPEN participiants;
  • TEAM category allows to use an additional technical support such as technical car
  • Third parties who are not competitors – on the route or at checkpoints
  • Starting groups are determined according to the current Ultramarathon Polish Cup ranking (current standing is available at: http://ultracycling.pl/grupy-startowe/ Competitors start in groups of 6 every 5 minutes

6. RULES OF REGISTRATION AND REGISTRATION FEE Submissions should be made through the application form on page 1008.pl

  • A registration fee of PLN 120 must be paid within 7 days of sending the application;
  • If no registration fee has been paid within 7 days, the application will be canceled;
  • The registration fee is not refundable and is not part of the entry fee;
  • The registration fee should be paid to the bank account number: 30195000012006992658550002 (MapSerwis.com, Święitki 1A 11-135 Lubomino) with the note ‘Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour – registration fee’;
  • The limit of places in 2020 is 400 people;
  • People who do not have a current qualification to participate must complete an application form, pay the registration fee and obtain a qualification until 02/08/2020;
  • A person who has paid the entry fee but has not been able to obtain the qualification receives a refund of registration fee.


7.1. The entry fee increases systematically with the number of days remaining until the start of the race:

  • until 30/04/2020 – PLN 420
  • until 06.07.2020 – PLN 490
  • up to 20.07.2020 – PLN 590
  • the deadline for payment is 20.07.2020 – after this time, the person is removed from the start list

7.2. The entry fee should be made to the bill number 30195000012006992658550002 (MapSerwis.com, Święitki 1A 11-135 Lubomino) with the note Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour – entry fee

7.3. The fee for participation in post-race party on 24.08.2020 is 15 PLN. Accompanying persons may participate in the event as well.


  • until 31/05/2020 – 100% refund of the entry fee (including fees for accompanying persons);
  • until 06.07.2020 – reimbursement of 75% of the entry fee (including fees for accompanying persons);
  • until 20.07.2020 – 50% refund of the entry fee (including fees for accompanying persons);
  • after 20.07.2020 all fees will not be refunded;
  • The refund will be made to the account from which the payment was made;
  • Information about resignation should be sent by e-mail to tour@1008.pl;
  • The participant has the right to resign from participation in the marathon for any reason;
  • The application of a participant who has not paid the registration fee within 7 days from the date of completing will automatically canceled;
  • The registration fee is not refundable;
  • Returns will occur after 31.08.2020.
  • The organizer allows the transfer of the application to another person until 31.05.2020;
  • The person who resigns from the start should indicate the person to whom he transfers by e-mail to tour@1008.pl;
  • After 02.08.2020, it is not possible to transfer the refund to another person, and the entry fee is not refundable


Participants have the following time limits:

  • For groups starting from 20:00 on August 21 -70 hours;
  • For groups starting from 08:00 on 22.08 – 60 hours;
  • For competitors of the TEAM time limit depends on the number of participiants making up the team;
  • Competitors have a time limit to leave the checkpoints: Łowicz (525km) -30h and no later than Sunday 14:00 and Starachowice (700km) 55h and no later than Monday until 5:00. After this time, the riders will be automatically withdrawn from the competition.


  • The official start will take place from 20:00 on 21.08.2020 (“night division”) and from 8:00 on 22.08.202 (“day division”) from the ramp of the ferry „Bielik” in Świnoujście Warszów;
  • The official start takes place in groups of 6 people in 5-minute intervals according to the division into start groups according to http://ultracycling.pl/grupy-startowe/;
  • The start list will be available at the Race Office on August 21, 2020;
  • The competitor is obliged to appear on the official start line 20 minutes before the scheduled start time to assemble the GPS device and check the mandatory equipment;
  • In the absence of compulsory equipment, the competitor is required to provide it;
  • The total time to cover the distance of 1008km is calculated from the start time in accordance with the allocation to the given start group;
  • The current version of the route along with the location of Control Points and Large Control Points is in the map received in the start package;
  • The current version of the route in electronic form is on the player’s individual account and on the website https://bbt2020.1008.pl/;
  • The organizer is not responsible for issues in reading the map and issues in the GPS track used by starters
  • A competitor who deviates from the designated route is obliged to inform the Referee. The competitor has the right to continue the race from the place where he left the designated route;
  • In the case of passing through cities, the participant has the option of modifying the route designated by the competitor. When leaving the city, the participant is obliged to continue riding according to the designated route;
  • At designated time stations food and technical support will be offered;
  • At large time stations food and technical support will be offered. Participants will also be able to use the sanitary facilities. In addition, at large time stations, competitors have the right to use the pre-prepared luggage;
  • The luggage will only be available at large time stations during the opening hours of the point;
  • The luggage will be available for pickup in the early evening hours 24/08/2020 at the finish line. In the absence of receipt of a luggage the participant is required to pay a fee for any shipment. Otherwise the luggage will be destroyed.


  • Event participants are bound by the general rules for using public roads under the Road Traffic Act;
  • Competitors are required to overcome the Baltic-Bieszczady Tour ultramarathon route themselves;
  • It is forbidden to use other means of transport than the bicycle during the race route;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use organized assistance of third parties on the route and checkpoints;
  • At designated time stations, the participant is required to sign the race list;
  • The participant who will have to stop the race, has to personally notifies this fact to one of the persons: Chief Referee, Judge of time station, Route Manager or by phone to the emergency number (the emergency number will be given at a later date);
  • The participant is obliged to return the GPS device to technical service at the finish of the race, or in case of withdrawal – to service the checkpoint.


  • Race director – Robert Janik
  • Main referee – Cezary Dobrochowski
  • Judge – Wacław Żurakowski
  • Judge – Oskar Szproch
  • Head of the Race Office – Weronika Janik
  • Judge of time station (TS Judge) – Wacław Żurakowski, Henryk Huzar, Eugeniusz Koralewski, Krzysztof Gązwa, Zuzanna Przybylska
  • Route Manager / GPS service – Robert Dobrochowski, Weronika Janik


  • Baltic-Bieszczady Tour is designed for cycling enthusiasts with very good fitness condition;
  • The condition for admission is 23 years of age;
  • The condition for participation in the Baltic-Bieszczady Tour is having the completed qualification to start. The list of events constituting the qualification for the start is available at 1008.pl;
  • The condition for participation in the race is to have compulsory equipment: a hard helmet, night and insufficient visibility lighting (front – white, rear – red), daytime lighting (front – white, rear – red), reflectors and starting numbers received in the start package during registration in the Race Office, photo ID and mobile phone;
  • The participant undertakes to have a functional bicycle and takes its technical condition at his own risk;
  • The condition of participation in the Baltic-Bieszczady Tour ultramarathon cycling is to read and accept these rules, submit a statement on participation in the marathon at your own risk, accept the conditions of liability insurance, agree to the processing of personal data and the use of the image in photographic and video materials;
  • The participant agrees to the processing of his personal data (in accordance with the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws from 2018, item 1000) and in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR).


As part of the entry fee, the organizers provide:

  • Food support at 12 time stations, including food support at two large control stations, a warm meal at the finish of the race. A full list of products available under food support is available from the route manager three days before the event starts;
  • Starter pack, which includes: bag for the packet, paper map, starter number for the T-shirt / jacket, additional sticker with the start number for the T-shirt / jacket, 4 safety pins, bicycle stickers;
  • Renting a GPS device;
  • Online broadcast available at 1008.pl and https://bbt2020.1008.pl/;
  • Basic liability insurance. The exact insurance conditions are available for inspection at the Race Office;
  • A commemorative medal for people who have completed the race route in the time limit by 24.08 hours. 20:00;
  • The right to purchase the official cycling outfit for those who have completed the race in the time limit (http://sklep.1008.pl).


  • The organizers make every effort to ensure the safety of participants during the race;
  • The participant participates in the race at his own risk;
  • Organizers are not responsible for random accidents occurring during travel and return from the competition, as well as for damage caused to other participants of ultramarathon and third parties;
  • Organizers are not responsible for any accidents and collisions on the race route;
  • The organizers are not responsible for random accidents occurring during the ride of the Baltic-Bieszczady Tour ultramarathon route and for life or health lost in this case;
  • Organizers recommend participants to have additional liability and accident insurance for the duration of the race;
  • The organizers reserve the right to refuse the start right to a participant who is in a state of alcohol or intoxication or who has no mandatory equipment as referred to in chapter 13. of these Regulations• The organizers reserve the right to withdraw a competitor from the route if he/she is unable to continue the effort;
  • From 8:00 AM on 21/08/2020 until 24:00 on 24/08/2020, an emergency call will be launched to contact in an emergency cases (the number will be provided for information at a later date);
  • The detailed list of penalties is a separate document, available for viewing in the race office and at http://ultracycling.pl/kary.pdf
  • Regulations and ordinal penalties as well as all types of disputes are resolved by the Chief Judge
  • The competitor is required to read the list of penalties and report any ambiguities for clarification by the Head Referee
  • The list of penalties applies during all events that are part of the Polish Cup in cycling ultramarathons 2020.


  • The organizers reserve the right to conduct doping control and / or tests for the presence of psychoactive substances in the body during the race and immediately after its end;
  • It is mandatory to undergo doping control and / or tests for the presence of psychoactive substances in the body;
  • Failure to attend the check / test will result in disqualification;
  • The list of prohibited substances and methods is available on the official website of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency;
  • A full list of psychoactive substances the presence of which is not allowed in the body is available for inspection at the Race Office;
  • Controls and tests will be carried out by relevant authorities and / or persons with appropriate knowledge in this field;
  • The control / test method and its full scope will be given at the technical briefing immediately before the race;
  • A list with the starting numbers of competitors designated for control / test will be posted at the Race Office, at the designated checkpoint and / or at the finish of the race;
  • The time needed to carry out the check / test at the checkpoint will be deducted from the athlete’s total ride time.


  • The total time is calculated from the start time of the participant until the signing the list at the finish line;
  • For the TEAM category with 2 or more competitors, we count the arrival time of the first competitor provided that the remaining competitors arrive within the time limit. In a situation where at least one rider will be withdrawn or will arrive outside the limit – each competitor has completed the time constituting the limit for TEAM;
  • The total time of the competitor may change in the event of adding statutory penalties and / or order penalties by the Chief Referee;
  • A competitor who has completed an ultramarathon in the time limit receives points to the Polish Ultracycling Cup 2020 (www.ultracycling.pl).


  • Ultramaraton Baltic -Bieszczady Tour will be held regardless of the weather;
  • Compliance with the provisions of the regulations is mandatory;
  • The competitor is obliged to sign the acceptance of the terms and conditions during registration at the Race Office;
  • The organizers reserve the right to interpret these regulations;
  • Additional information about the regulations can be obtained at the Race Office from technical support or by contacting the phone number +48 505 801 791 (Weronika Janik) or by e-mail: info@1008.pl.